The Sphinx Logon Manager software turns an ID card or token into a secure two-factor computer authentication tool, and makes it easy to use strong passwords for logon processes

  • Logon to Windows, websites, and applications by presenting card andentering PIN.
  • Sphinx enters logon data directly into logon process, so that keystrokes cannot be observed or recorded.
  • Use complex, cryptic passwords. Sphinx stores all logon data, so enduser doesn't need to remember them.
  • Intuitive end-user interface is easy to use.
  • Software self-installs and is ready for immediate use with compatible ID cards and compatible desktop card readers. End-users self-enroll, or are enrolled by administrator.
  • Interoperability with a broad range of powerful card technologies. Requires no change to existing network and Windows logon setup.
  • Administrator or end-user easily "auto-records" logon process with one click. No need for complicated  interfaces to applications.
  • All logon information and security policies can be centrally managed with Sphinx CardMaker administrator software.