Central Server Protection Advanced

Artikelnummer: CSAA1CSAA

Includes choice of: - Server Agent: (Windows/Linux Servers) Anti-malware, Live Protection, Malicious Traffic Detection, AWS integration. (Windows Servers only) Server Application Whitelisting (Lockdown), Automatic Exclusions, Behaviour Analysis/HIPS, Web Security, Download Reputation, Web Control, Peripheral Control, Application Control, Data Loss Prevention, Synchronized Security Heartbeat, CryptoGuard Anti-Ransomware, Malware Removal, Sophos Clean

- Sophos for Virtual Environments, Light Agent off-board scanning: (Windows Server VMs) Anti-malware, Live Protection, Malware Removal

Sophos Remote Desktop (Terminal) Services Licensing

Remote Desktop Services is session-based, where multiple end users access the same underlying Server OS concurrently. The Sophos EULA requires that a license is purchased for each end user that benefits from protection, regardless of whether Sophos software is actually installed on the end user’s machine. A server license is also required for the host server itself.

Scope of user licenses: If an end user already has an endpoint license (e.g. they have Sophos Endpoint Protection installed
on their workstation), an additional license is not required if they also use Remote Desktop Services. Sophos Central will
recognize them as the same user and consume one license only


Note: Full Server Agent and Sophos for Virtual Environments light agent cannot be deployed on the same server"

Sophos Server Protection Licensing guide

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