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FortiToken Mobile een app voor iOS of Android welke uw gebruikers de mogelijkheid bied om met sterke authenticatie in te loggen op het Fortigate Console of VPN. Doordat je geen extra authenticatie server nodig hebt is dit een snelle en eenvoudige manier om veilig van een Fortinet VPN gebruik te maken of om de firewall te beheren.

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One-Time Password Application Software Token

FortiToken Mobile: A application for iOS or Android providing strong authentication security without additional hardware.

One-Time Password Application Software Token

Passwords alone don't keep unwanted guests out of your network. Password-only authentication has led to security breaches, malware infections, and policy violations. With two-factor authentication, a password is used along with a security token and authentication server to provide far better security.  Authorized employees can access company resources safely using a variety of devices, ranging from laptops to mobile phones.

FortiToken Mobile is an application for iOS or Android that acts like a hardware token but utilizes hardware the majority of users posses, a mobile phone.



FortiToken Mobile includes:

Reduced costs by leveraging existing FortiGate as the authentication server

Minimized overhead with unique online activation option

A scalable solution for low entry cost and low total cost of ownership

Perpetual licenses for 5 users. Electronic license certificate.


  • Convenient, Strong Authentication
  • Ultra-Secure Token Provisioning
  • Privacy and Control
  • Leverages Existing Fortinet Platforms
  • Online Activation with FortiGuard®

FortiToken Mobile

  • OATH time- and event-based OTP generator
  • Login details pushed to phone for one-tap approval
  • Patented cross platform token transfer
  • PIN/Fingerprint protected application
  • Copy OTP to the clipboard
  • OTP time-interval display
  • Serial number display
  • Token and app management
  • Self-erase brute-force protection
  • Apple watch compatibility
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