pcProx 125 kHz HID™ Prox Black Desktop USB

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RF IDeas 82 Series card readers are designed for customers seeking to leverage their existing employee ID badges by integrating them into applications beyond door access. This unified platform of products is engineered to work with nearly all proximity, contactless, and magnetic stripe card technologies, providing error-free identification to over a billion cards worldwide.

Benefits RF IDeas RDR-6081AKU Access Control Reader
• Employee familiarity with existing badges • Supports most ID badge technologies used
• Enhances investment of single badges • Expands application selections
• Single/common development platform • No license restrictions


  • PC/LAN Access Control, Application Log-On, Employee Identification
  • Manufacturing
  • Time & Attendance , Meeting Attendance, Visitor Management , Hoteling
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Kiosk

pcProx 125 kHz Supported Cards—Partial List

AWID Cardax,CASI-RUSCO® Deister,DIGITAG EM 410x,Farpointe Data GProx™ II, HID® Prox, HiTag 1, S & 2, Indala® (Motorola),  ioProx™ (Kantech), Keri NXT Keri, Nexwatch (Honeywell) Pyramid, Radio Key®,  ReadyKey Pro, Secura Key,  Rosslare, Russwin,  GE Security


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