OTP-200 hardware token

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OATH compliant time-based TOTP device
Compliant met de open OATH standaard. Eenvoudig te integreren met 3th party systemen zoals de Sophos SG Series, Microsoft Azure multi-factor Authentication-Server en Duo Security

Een knop OTP hardware token
Hoog contrast scherm met 8-karakters en een af-tel indicator.


Enable All users must use one-time passwords to enforce the use of OTPs for all users. Otherwise uncheck the option and add the respective users or groups to the list that appears. SelectAuto-create OTP tokens, if you want the UTM to create an OTP token for users during authentication. The tokens will appear in the OTP Tokens list then, where you can manage them.

Select Enable OTP for facilities to be protected with a one-time passcode in addition to the regular password.

To import OTP tokens you can either paste CSV text or upload a PSKC file that came with your TOTP tokens.

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