Dell SonicWALL Email Virtual Appliance

SonicWALL Email Virtual Appliance

SonicWALL Email Security Hosted

SonicWALL Email Security Hosted

SonicWALL Email Security Software

Email Security appliance SonicWALL Email Security Software. Benodigdheden: MS Windows Server 2000, 2003, or 2008. Platform Minimums, CPU: 2.66Ghz, RAM: 1 GB, Hard Drive: 40 GB

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Stops spam attacks at over 98% effectiveness using a best-in-class spam filter with an end-to-end e-mail attack monitoring system. SonicWALL performs rigorous testing and evaluation of millions of e-mails every day, and then reapplies this constantly-updated analysis to provide you with exceptional spamblocking results.

Innovative SonicWALL GRID Network provides collaborative intelligence by actively gathering vital learning from an expansive network of millions of users and sources. This lets SonicWALL Email Security detect even the most subtle spammer tricks, and gives you the most accurate and up-to-date protection against new spam attacks.

Fast and flexible deployment takes an hour or less to install, using a 5-step quick configuration with streamlined user/group migration. SonicWALL Email Security appliances can be easily deployed in an all-in one configuration.Alternately, split mode configuration provides high availability and scalability Time-saving ease-of-management leverages a selfrunning solution that seamlessly synchronizes with LDAP systems for easy management of users and group accounts, drastically reducing the administrative burden of e-mail security. SonicWALL Email Security self-updates every 5 minutes—twice as fast as competing solutions—and requires only 10 minutes or less a week to manage.

Management is further eased with event-triggered alerts, and over 50 customizable reports that can be scheduled for automatic distribution via e-mail. Superior end-user spam management allows the safe delegation of spam management to end-users. Users get the freedom to personalize the aggressiveness of their spam detection settings based on the content of the message, while IT retains ultimate control over the overall level of security enforced. End-user spam management eases administration, reduces false positives, and enhances service levels for end-users. Flexible deployment options provide ease-of-use and high availability.

Consistently reliable, SonicWALL Email Security preserves network uptime during the most complex threat updates. Enterprise-class value for SMB budgets offers the best available security against spam, viruses, phishing attacks, information leaks, and compliance violations, as well as audit reporting on attack types, solution effectiveness and system performance, SonicWALL Email Security gives you the most return for your investment.

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